“If it cannot be sold, it should be repaired, rebuilt and reused.”
We all try our best to not waste and pollute the nature as far as possible. Isn’t it?
At the house of handmade hope we try our best too. Afterall we are the people for and of environment. The minimal wastage is our second priority, first is ofcourse keeping our customers happy! 🙂

Often when a paper bag is made, for the handles we use Jute threads. Different bags. Different handles. Different sizes. Different lengths.
When we cut threads for our bags, some piece of it always remains unused(wasted) in that process of making which we collect and tie up to the tin box. We have made our very own coil of ‘thread shred’ ! All the pieces of threads (small and big) are tied up to it and further used during the packaging of the products. It’s a fun and efficient way to utilise the resources!

Everything is expended at its best! We truly believe in wasting less and producing more. It’s more for our personal satisfaction than for society, we try our best to not fill up our dustbins with those heaps of threads or paper!


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