“It’s not done until it ships” – Steve Job.
It was just few days’ back this inspirational quote was on our spotlight. And now we have our very own extended version of this i.e. –
“It’s not done until it is delivered to the customer”
Mistakes are important too. You do it better.
So it happened with us last week with one of our orders from South India. Instead of a week it was delivered on 22nd day. We are obviously apologetic about the blunder caused but it was difficult to track the location of delivery by Courier Company we chose.

There was lot of tension created because of the particular order; it took us numerous calls for the follow up and to tranquilize our customer. He was disappointed initially but he understood as he knew the place he stayed was bit far for the local Courier Company to figure out easily.

From this mistake, we learnt our important lesson, after this little disappointed, the gain was- the understanding of the operation of these courier companies and choosing our courier service carefully. And instead of one, it will be easier if we there is a division of these couriers to be delivered to the places for an easy access and on time delivery.

So this was our recent story at the house of handmade hope!


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