Make a notebook from a paper bag

bLOGInternet is one of the most beautiful things if you decide to use in the right way. We found this amazing blog which takes the paper bags we make and the paper bags all of you use to the completely next level.

We are thinking of adding this as an add on in all our paper bags. Let us know what do you think about it.



Materials: brown bag, scissors, white office paper, thread (embroidery or book binding), awl (or safety pin), watercolors to decorate, ruler

Step 1: Take 5 pieces of white office paper.
Step 2: Rip it in half with a ruler.
Step 3: Fold those in half.
Step 4: Cut out a piece of brown paper bag to fit the exact shape of the folded paper.


Step 5: Fit the office paper in the brown bag.
Step 6: Measure 5 holes evenly across the middle crease of the paper.
Step 7: Poke it with an awl or safety pin.
Step 8: Thread a needle and start binding by entering from the inside to outside of the middle hole. Leave about 2″ extra in the inside cover. There’s a larger picture below to show you more details of the pattern of the threading.


Step 9: I hope these drawings make sense below. The dotted lines mean the thread goes on the outside of the book and the solid lines show from the inside. The numbers indicate the sequence.
Step 10: When you get back to one, cut it off leaving about 2″ and then tie the first thread to the end thread.


To add some flourish, add some drawings or watercolor. I decided to add small lines of colors with watercolors.




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Big Bag.

The new development at Handmade  Hope includes the new affordable standardized sized paper bags made after the keen observation of the requirements of our dear customers. We aren’t close for customization; once in a while interesting project is still our passion. But making of bags with particular size is much feasible.

Talking about interesting project, recently we made the paper bags for one of the prestigious museum of our city and country, The Maharaja Fatehsingh Gaekwad museum which is also known for its display of the paintings by various European and Indian artists including Raja Ravi Varma, who was famous for his paintings related to Hindu mythology.  Also, the museum has collection of sculptures and work of art collected by Maharaja Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad.  To carry these paintings and souvenirs from the museum, the paper bags were made of the size of the art piece. They didn’t want their customers to carry the art work wrapped in news paper or plastic anymore.  Thus, it was an interesting challenge to make paper 23 x 30 inches long. We successfully made the big bag for them which was really liked and appreciated by all. It was all smiles at the end.

Big Museum Bag
Rushabh Gandhi, founder of Handmade Hope with the first bag of the lot. 

But as regular product, we have decided to go with the standardized size for the bags. It is easier for our employers to work on it and learn. So it’s our step towards our people to put down little difficulty off their shoulders.